A "Free consultation/discovery session" very quickly turns into a consultant's sales pitch.
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Why Think 'Value Maximisation' first.
The answer to greater time and financial freedom is not delivered by sales or profit growth!

Consultants will promote 1,001 ways to achieve more sales through a multitude of different techniques.  Some really do work.  Others, however, are simply vague ideas with little hope of implementation in your business or are prone to be outdated with the next search engine or social media algorithm change.

No matter the success of these tactics or techniques, they all miss one critical point.  In my interviews with Small Business owners, they subscribed to these tactics in the pursuit of greater time and financial flexibility and freedom.  The Problem: Sales and profit growth alone will not deliver a better, stronger and more resilient business and cannot deliver greater time and financial flexibility and freedom.

You see, when actions are taken to increase sales and profit that are not embedded in proper positioning and process, they will deliver only temporary improvement, not the long-term time and financial freedom so wanted by small business owners.  By neglecting processes and positioning, consultants have secured a client for life.

The same attributes that deliver increase time and financial freedom to business owners are those that also increase business valuation. Click To Tweet

Now you have likely never thought about the value of your business.  To illustrate how valuation and time and financial freedom are linked, which business would you pay more for?  Business A that make you a profit of $100,000 each year, requiring 8 hours/week of your time, or Business B that will make you a profit of $100,000 each year, requiring 60 hours/week of your time.  Chances are you would pay more for Business A.

The benefits of thinking ‘Value Maximisation’ first are far greater than simply greater time and financial flexibility

A business that has been run to maximise its valuation is always ‘ready to sell’.  This acts as an insurance policy and means that if you were suddenly unable to run the business then your family has options available to them.  This is important given that most business owners are relying on the sale of their business to pay off their personal debts and fund their retirement.

In order to effectively communicate how to think ‘Value Maximisation’ first, we have developed the 4Ps Value Maximisation framework.

The 4Ps VM framework details that in order to increase the valuation of your business there are 4 areas that required consideration: Process, Position, Performance, and Potential.  The 4Ps VM framework is infinitely scalable. It needs to be to ensure that everything you do will result in enduring value growth.  The 4Ps VM framework has been used from day-to-day decision-making to marketing strategies, and business model innovation.

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