Consultants tell you everything you need to know about them by the way they market themselves…

We don’t believe that you get the value from the typical “1-hour free consultation/discovery session”.  The first 45 minutes typically consist of the business owner educating the consultant on their business, then the remaining 15 minutes is typically a chance for the consultant to give you their sales pitch using the information you have just provided them.

This is neither genuine or respectful.

You see, we believe that consultants tell you everything you need to know about them by the way they market themselves.  For a consultant to have a genuine unique advantage they must set themselves apart from their competition.  Many don’t.  Many rely on the same simple marketing formula:

Self-publish a book (Congratulations, you’re an expert)

Pay to speak at a conference (Now people know you’re an expert)

– Offer a “Free consultation/discovery session

Buy or build blog content for SEO purposes.

– Always offer a ‘strategy’ session and business plan.

– Write up some ‘testimonials’ or have friends provide a video testimonial for you.

– Pull together ‘Case Studies’ being sure that you avoid telling them the actual steps you took to methodically achieved actual results.  Rather simply tell them how awesome you are.  Surely they’ll take your word for it…

Always offer free-stuff in exchange for an email address.

If a big part of business success depends on differentiating yourself from your competition, why do ‘expert consultants’ all sell themselves the same way?When business ‘consultants' cannot differentiate themselves from their competition, what does this say about their expertise & ability to help your business? Click To Tweet

We do things differently.  We focus solely on our realm of expertise.  When a client need is matched with an area of expertise we formulate a short but comprehensive knowledge piece.  We expect client engagements to be short.  If we have done our job right, clients have what they need inside 4 weeks.  We can do this because:

First, we know that you are intelligent but seek out the advice of a consultant simply because you aren’t certain as to the completeness of your knowledge (“you don’t know what you don’t know”)

Second, we know that you are capable of executing at a high level but simply need frameworks and meaningful real-world examples that can be easily adapted into your business.

Third, we aren’t a ‘rah-rah’ house promising to motivate or empower you – Tony Robbins is literally the best in the world at this, why would we compete

Fourth, we won’t talk to you unless we can see that you are committed and invested in bettering your business.

Finally, if we cannot deliver value from the outset, we won’t claim that we can.

What this means is that you will get to know exactly how we view the world before you even speak to us.  We provide you with real-life, straight-forward, actionable and practical strategies and detailed case studies that work.  We break-down seemingly complex concepts into usable frameworks, checklists, tools, action items and easy-to-use step-by-step guides.  We cross-pollinate experiences and strategies gained from a multitude of different businesses across a wide range of industries that are proven to lead to greater time and financial freedom for their owners.

No, we don’t do “FREE consultations”, but we purchase $220 of our time on your behalf when you invest in any of our products, but only on three conditions:

1. You treat our meeting like you are paying for it because we are going to treat it like you are a paying client.

2. You listen to the content. You pause, consider, reflect and apply what you have learned in your business

3. Prior to our meeting, you send us your responses to the questions you receive in our meeting confirmation email.  This will allow us to prepare and deliver value from the very outset.

In order to ensure you are appropriately committed to and invested in the betterment of your business, we do two things more things that others don’t.  We charge to access our content and limit the time that you can access our content.  This assists to ensure that you are committed and ready to get working on your business, now.  We will not be your intellectual candy.  If for any reason after our meeting you don’t believe it has been worth the price you paid, let me know and we will provide you with a 100% refund of money paid, no questions asked.

Every now and again we overhaul our content to ensure it is always current.  As it turns out, we are in the process of updating our VM Framework knowledge piece.

Knowledge Piece Price  
Small Business Sales Process $97.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Month.

Small Business Sale Process

With more than half of retiring baby boomers depending on the sale of their business to pay off debts and fund their retirement, we have received a significant call for knowledge on the sale process.

As such we dive deep into a typical small business 12 step sale process from the perspective of the seller.  We also cover the seven critical errors made by business owners when selling their business, and “what buyers want” in the form of an introduction to the 4Ps Value Maximisation Framework.

When a business owner only has one business to sell, but the buyer has numerous options to consider, sellers are chasing the balance of power from the outset.  We detail the advisors available to you and the incentive traps that exist between you and your business broker.  We show you the necessary preparation steps, marketing considerations and the actions you can take to avoid negotiation tactics used by buyers.

The “Small Business Sale Process” includes

– 7 critical errors made by small business owners when selling their business

– 15 step business sales process

– An introduction to the 4Ps Value Maximisation framework

– Small Business Sale process infographic

– Templates, Worksheets, Questionnaire, and Links to assist with key steps in the process

– 30min directed consultation with DRIVING DELTA

You only get to sell your business once.  Your ability to enter the process completely aware of the detrimental incentive traps that exist between you and your business broker and ability to prepare appropriately will maximise the likelihood that this sale becomes the biggest sale of your life.

4Ps VM Framework

In our conversations with small and medium business owners, they seem to view their business as a tool.  A means to an end.  Commonly, when we probe deeper, the end state for these business owners is not necessarily untold free-time and wealth, but rather a financial and time flexibility.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.  What may surprise you, however, is that profit growth is only a small part of the story.

Allow me to illustrate.  An interesting parallel exists between what business owners want and what business buyers want.    Say, Business A earns profits of $100,000 each year, requiring 8 hours/week of the owners time, and has a strong position in the market.  Business B earns profits of $100,000 each year, requiring 60 hours/week of your time, and has a mediocre position in the market.  Which business would you pay more for and why?

Chances are you said Business A.  In researching, building and working in businesses that begin like Business B and end like Business A, we have formulated that 4Ps Value Maximisation Framework.

The “4Ps VM Framework” includes:

– Business Valuation primer

– 4Ps VM Framework deep dive analysis with examples

– 5 in-depth case studies on its application

– 4Ps VM Framework summary infographic

– 45min directed consultation with DRIVING DELTA

In thinking “Value Maximisation” first, you not only benefit from greater time and financial freedom, but you ensure your business is sale ready well before you need it to be which acts as a form of insurance if the unexpected were to occur.  Best of all, we don’t even mention Social Media or SEO…

Knowledge Piece Price  
Small Business Sales Process $97.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Month.

DRIVING DELTA is boutique advisory focused on small and medium business.  Having advised both buy-side and sell-side transactions, as well as executing strategies that have resulted in significant valuation uplift, DRIVING DELTA‘s expertise is unmatched.  To learn more about what DRIVING DELTA‘s offering, please click on the following:

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Knowledge Piece Price  
Small Business Sales Process $97.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Month.