Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services are designed to ensure a Business Owner is headed in the right direction and that no matter what happens to the Business Owner, the value of the business will not be impacted.

DRIVING DELTA leverages its experience in consulting and investments to numerous businesses across various industries to ensure Business Owners maintain a 'Value Maximisation' mindset in everything they do.

Ongoing Advisory services provides a Business Owner actionable strategies to maximise the value of their business utilising the 4P's 'Value Maximisation' model.  DRIVING DELTA's involvement in the execution of these strategies can be anything from significant to a fortnightly catch-up to ensure everything is still on-track.  Specifically, Ongoing advisory services will focus on:

Process - ensuring the consistency, reliability & simplicity in which your business delivers & supports its value proposition.  DRIVING DELTA focuses on process design that must be Scalable, Adaptable & Dependable.  Processes should be documented in order to be communicable and transferable.

Position - Manages how the business is perceived by its competitors, suppliers, employees and customers.  DRIVING DELTA looks to ensure positioning is Asymmetric, Focused & Receptive.  Position is critical to enduring business value.

Performance - refers to the actual results of the business & provides a measure as to how 'process' & 'position' has been leveraged to generate value.  DRIVING DELTA designs strategies to ensure Performance is Effective, Measurable and Accretive.

Potential- This is perceived future relationship between risk & return in the eyes of a future acquirer or capital partner.  DRIVING DELTA approaches Potential to be Realistic, Translatable & Enduring.  Potential is future-based and is underpinned by how well the business has leveraged Process, Position and Performance.

DRIVING DELTA acts in an ongoing advisory capacity to businesses in Allied Health, Investment Management, Retail, Hospitality, Engineering and Cross-Cultural Education.

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